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Chi Tempo Chi Fa and Ornella Fanone shoot Sanremo and Venere

Chi Tempo Chi Fa and Ornella Fanone shoot Sanremo and Venere

In yesterday's episode, the singer expressed her (harsh) opinion of the festival and Mara's hosting of Dominica in particular.

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The last episode of what's the weather likeat Canale Nove, hosted by Fabio Faziohe saw him as the undisputed hero of the novel Ornella Fanone. The singer, who is also known for not mincing words, was discussed for the first time Mara Mayonchithen Shoot zero Whether on Sanremo Festival what arrives Mara VenereWhich forced Fabio Fazio himself to intervene. This is what Fanoni said.

Ornella Fanone vs. Mara Maionci: “Don't disrespect me!

Ornella Fanone It is a very special topic because, in addition to her indisputable popularity as one of the sacred beasts of Italian song, she is also known for her strong personality and her love of singing. Don't master words. And this is exactly what he showed in yesterday's episode of what's the weather like.

The first thing, Fanoni discussed with Mara Maionciafter the last She accused her of not remembering songs Sanremo Festival. “Listen, listen, in the meantime, don't disrespect me! I don't remember anything! Now clean my glasses. However, Ghali is great, and the one I liked the most was Loredana“Al said Mortal To Maionchi without beating around the bush.

Fanoni shoots Zero Sanremo 2024: Fazio intervenes

And that's just the beginning, always staying on topic Sanremo 2024, Ornella Fanone then expressed her opinion on the latest edition Recently finished. What is the opinion…

Watching the Sanremo Festival every night gives you meningitis. But because of all these things, such a mess, I couldn't take it anymore. There's a lot of things, a lot, a lot of things. My favorite evening was the one with the duetsOrnella said.

a An unexpected phrase Which brought the same thing Fazio To intervene. “No, but what do you say? Why? But they were very good, hats off to Amadeus and Fiorello who did a crazy job“, answered the host.

Fanoni comments on Mara Venere: “Today I love everyone

yesterday, Mara Venere Hosted the episode as usual Sunday in Which it was this time Fully customized for Sanremo Festival He lives from Ariston. But also about thisThe famous Ornella Fanone had something to say.

I will never say “love” and “divine” but above all “love” again. There is this word that we have to say to very few people, “I love you, I love you.” Today Mara loved everyone, Mara did not like Mayonchi, but the other Mara, whom I loved very much, really loved everyone. “I love you”, humanity is one thing and loving and kissing everyone is another. I disagree with the use of the word love in these contexts“, concluded Al Mortal.

Briefly, Ornella without brakesbut on the other hand, her extreme honesty and (sometimes questionable) ways are exactly what makes this artist so loved by everyone.

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