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Windows, the secret function that warms your home without spending 1 euro

The windows of the house have functions that should be put into practice immediately, and above all the secret to warming the house and saving money.

Secret windows function –

The Windows in the house They are not only there to allow a privileged view of the landscape, but also to leave the house warm in the winter and cool during the summer season. New technologies also make it possible to carry out secret functions that can save money month end bill. Saving has never been more important, considering how much you bill month after month. Let’s find out how to use a function that few people know about to heat the house without it Do not spend even one euro.

How to use windows in the house correctly?

As mentioned, windows are tools for the home that not only give an aesthetic effect, but also functional. When the house warms up, the heat can enter through the window and also in winter as well.

Modern PVC Windows
Modern PVC Windows-

In recent years, PCV windows have become popular because they are specifically designed to reduce consumption, pay less expensive month-end bills, and have a warm home even when outside temperatures are low.

Reducing the costs of today’s energy bills is a real necessity, which is why it’s a good idea to adopt some tricks that few people know about. Example? Radiators should always be located in the center of the room without hiding it with a piece of furniture or a curtain. It is also necessary to carry out checks and ensure that there is a moderate temperature, which can spread throughout the house to maintain Heat without any heat shock.

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set windows

Windows can also have this functionality, but it is important that it is new and sealed. If you have Type PVC Then the room will be warm and without even “spending the euro bill”.

Windows, the secret solution to a warm home in winter

The PVC windows Offers a secret, must-know solution, with Winter Mode quick and easy to apply. Some have an old or not professionally prepared gasket, which makes it impossible to warm the room properly.

The advice is to look for the pin inside the frame, which can be seen after opening, to adjust the window according to your personal needs. When it is set in winter mode, Tighten the screw at a 90 degree angle Using pliers or with the help of your fingers (some windows have their own key).

When summer comes, you can do the same but the other way around, by loosening the pin. It is important because that way the net It closes and prevents the entry of cold air from outside and heat formed from the inside to enter. Some windows are customized or have special functions, which is why it is necessary to contact the manufacturer and correctly carry out winter laying.

Windows in winter mode
Windows in winter mode –

The The advice is to change the fixtures Old, a good investment to reduce the home bill and not consume heating that will still be lost in the environment.