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Vibe’s older brother, Antonella Fiordelici is stern against Ghiggia “If he had really studied psychology he would have known that…”

Influencer Antonella Fiordelici has opted to take a straight line against Gigi. In his opinion, the comedian, despite his studies in psychology, had taken a severely wrong behavior while staying in the most spying house in Italy towards former rival Marco Bellavia, the beloved ex-face of Bim Bum Bam.

Influencer Antonella Fiordelici after the live broadcast of the fifth episode of Big Brother Vip attacked Gigi, accusing her of being insensitive to the beloved ex-face of Bim Bum Bam despite her studies of psychology and perhaps at home one of the tenants was more qualified to understand that the aforementioned man was in a moment of fragility and need More than a helping hand. Instead, through filming, she knew that she too would not only do so, but would have adopted the same discriminatory attitude as the majority of the tenants, which contributed to Marco Bellavia’s choice to end his adventure in the house.

The Influential Discoveries of Antonella Fiordelici

According to the aforementioned influencer, Gigi was confronting the tenant Marco Bellavia and frankly telling him that according to her he was not feeling well, and therefore he had to leave the most spying house in Italy. Furthermore, the fact that Gigia cried for the elimination of Giovanni Siachi was highly coveted by the public as he was considered a proponent of getting out of the house to give up the well-known face of Bim Bum bam.

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According to the famous influencer, if comedian Gigi had really studied psychology, she would know that one cannot honestly tell a person in a moment of vulnerability that he is probably sick of illness. The accusation of the influencer is clear. Because of this behavior, Gigi would be an insensitive person. The influencer increased the dose by saying that, in his opinion, Jijia would also be ignorant because he did not understand that he was wrong.

Big Brother Vip 7

An investigation into the gods has been opened by the Lazio Psychologists Syndicate

If comedian Gegia was rescued from television where Giovanni Ciacci was eliminated at the behest of the sovereign audience, but for her, the problems did not end as she thought. In fact, an investigation was opened about it by the Lazio Psychological Organization after the numerous reports received by viewers and citizens who were shocked by the behavior taken by the professional towards his roommate Marco Bellavia in an apparent frailty.

What will the Association of Psychologists of Lazio decide? In fact, the former well-known face of Bim Bum Bam walked away from the program after the heavy words said by some of his roommates. We remember that while the man was living with her in the most spied-out house in Italy, Ghiggia described him with words like “crazy”, “sick” as he would say last Monday during a business break “we had to keep him and hear the shit who said.” Joomla already cost Gigia a direct call from Alfonso Signorini. We just have to wait for what the order of the psychologist in Lazio will decide: will he punish Giggia or not? Would there be a typical punishment for her too, who, having studied psychology, should have understood the most before, and thus help the man of difficulty and not favor the strongest? We’ll have to wait a few more days for the answer.

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