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Windows 10, the background image is a real photo and created in a unique way, you know?

Windows 10, the background image is a real photo and created in a unique way, you know?

When Microsoft suggested Windows 10 In the world, many were happy to put Windows 8 aside. The new operating system was high quality and the fresh start was fun. One of the first things many people do in these situations is change them backgroundIn Windows 10, it’s an image of a blue light shining through the Windows logo, which is literally a window. This is your typical computer generated 3D rendering…or not? For our “Maybe You Didn’t Know” series, today we’d like to point out a curiosity that has technically been known for a while but that we think many have missed. The background – which you see above – was actually made with a real window.

There are no tricks or digital effects (well, to a certain extent as we’ll see) and certainly no AI with too many fingers. The Windows 10 wallpaper is strictly a photograph There is also a video that clearly demonstrates the creation process.

He is the one who created this image Bradley Monkowitz, also known as GMUNK. In the behind-the-scenes video, you can see how the effect we see in the Windows 10 image was recreated.

Windows 10 wallpaper creation process

Another copy of the Windows 10 image

Monkowitz explains how he and his team used it Physical mirrors, lasers and smoke machines To produce the image, by taking thousands of exposures using different colored filters and combining the best ones into one final composite.

The team placed a laser projector behind The actual Windows 10 logodepict different patterns on the window and manipulate the volumetric smoke to maximize the effect.

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The result is not only beautiful, but nowadays it is becoming more important because artificial intelligence is increasingly replacing human creativity (with many errors and problems), while losing that creative quality that distinguishes us.