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New update removes references to former Blizzard employees -

New update removes references to former Blizzard employees –

Next update for world of cans will remove any reference Related to former Blizzard employees who left the company following the California lawsuit against Activision Blizzard in favor of harassment cases and discrimination in the workplace.

In addition to making various improvements, the update removes from the game any reference to Jesse McCurry, Luis Barriga and John Likecraft, who left the company in mid-August. This change doesn’t actually appear in the official patch notes, but was confirmed by a Blizzard spokesperson in an email sent to the editorial team. PCGamer.

world of cans

McCree and LeCraft were part of the now infamous “Cosby Suite” and had several characters and cities assigned to them, which of course will now change their name or undergo changes such as deleting any reference. On the other hand, Barriga has not been directly linked to any scandalous case of sexual harassment or discrimination, but his dismissal raised many suspicions about potential scandals that were not disclosed. He was the director of the highly anticipated Diablo IV game.

Similarly, Overwatch announced a few hours ago that famous gunslinger Jess McCree, one of the protagonists of the playable shooter, will change his name in the coming months.

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