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Why can't we see the most widespread living species on the planet?

Why can’t we see the most widespread living species on the planet?

In 2020, the world’s population on Earth was 7.8 billion. It can be believed to be the most widespread species on the planet. The extent of the error is better understood if we consider it in terms of Biomass. 95% is represented by one species, which is the plant, while only 0.03% of the species to which we belong, represents the animal type. The proportion represented by humans is infinitesimally small. But why can’t we see the most widespread living species on the planet?

Cognitive disorder that makes us blind

Why can’t we visualize plants as living things? Neuroscience has studied this phenomenon. It is plant blindness, plant blindness. The origin is based on the development of the human brain and its low ability to process data. To deepen this point, it is necessary to consider the evolutionary choice that animals make: choosing predation. The brain finds itself in a situation where it is forced to quickly select the information necessary for survival. Like being able to spot a predator at the right time. Mind learned that plants pose no danger and used to consider them exclusively as a green backdrop for their habitats.

Why is this mechanism an impediment to human survival today?

What was previously a necessity is now a defect that endangers the very survival of man. A big mistake is not considering the potential that the botanist developed. It has survived climate change, predatory action and the damaging effects of atmospheric factors. Today we are discovering that there are species that are able to survive fire and nutritional deficiencies.

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A sixth mass extinction is underway

At an unprecedented rate, extinction is not only affecting animals but also plant species due to loss of biodiversity. Intensive land use and Non-renewable resources It seriously affects the balance of the planet. To counter the general sensitivity to the botanist, many international organizations, seed banks and botanical gardens collaborate with each other. Only by learning from the evolutionary strategies implemented by the plant scientist can a person hope to survive. This explains why we are unable to see the most widespread living species on the planet.