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Exciting clash between Antonio Conte and Lotaro Martinez

Exciting clash between Antonio Conte and Lotaro Martinez

Moments Great nervous In the field between Antonio Conte e Lotaro Martinez During the league match between Inter and Rome. Though She won the tournament already With the victory now over the Giallorossi, the two clashed in the final minutes of the match San Siro.

The Argentine striker, who entered the field in the 35th minute of the first half, replaces the injured SanchezHe’s called into the seat at 77 minutes, to make room for Pinamonti. The bull was angered by the Salento coach’s decision, expressing disappointment and anger He kicked a bottle.

Lautaro Martinez’s angry nod was sent The Nerazzurri coach is on the rampageWho rebuked him severely and in front of the cameras:Respect Who are you angry? You will never send these reactions to us again, to hell, anyone else, phenomenon … “, quotes our beloved coach.

after the match Antonio Conte again remained silentThe assistant spoke in his place Christian Stellini To Inter TV. “It was a good game, definitely playing and living and we were very good at rejuvenating after Roma narrowed the gap. It is not easy to reconnect the plug now, we have had moments where we struggled but the team played with the right spirit and mentality as well as the appropriate lightness required during this period.”

Do we keep tension high? This is part of growing up That we have to get, from the work the coach brought in from the very first moment. The mentality is the first thing and this is what we expect from the boys, who always play matches to win and attack the opponent, and are able to control and overcome him. “

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OMNISPORT | 12-05-2021 23:36

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