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Whoever has not received it yet and who … must return it!

So far, almost all deserving people have received a bonus of 200 euros. Others will only get it in October. But who hasn’t received it yet? To whom are the checks taken? Let’s be clear.

We already know that the reward of two hundred euros is the measure established by the aid decree approved by the government on May 2, 2022. This support was introduced with the aim of helping families and companies in economic difficulties due to the constant rise in prices in all sectors of daily life.

€200 bonus

Already in July, a very large audience of beneficiaries received a one-time bonus of 200 euros. There is talk of more than 30 million Italians. On the other hand, others will receive service in October. However, there seems to be a possibility that some of the recipients will have to return it. Here is the point of the position.

The audience of recipients of the €200 bonus for employees, retirees, the unemployed, those with a citizenship income, domestic help and seasonal workers Freelancers have limited income and have specific requirements.

The measure, which was introduced with the Assistance Ordinance under the Bis Assistance Ordinance (approved by the Cabinet on July 4, 2022) was revised and included other categories of people initially excluded. INPS itself announces that in October it will receive a bonus of 200 euros, automatically in the pay slip, also:

  • Athletic Collaborators
  • Dangerous school
  • Workers who did not benefit from the contribution exemption during the first six months of the year because they are covered by theoretical contributions.
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INPS specifies that these categories of people will not have to apply for the €200 bonus, but will receive payment automatically in the paycheck next October.

We know that in order to receive a bonus of 200 euros, you must meet the requirements stipulated by law. First of all, it is necessary to have an annual income in the range of 35 thousand euros (for 2021), for both workers and pensioners. Furthermore, you must have benefited from the 0.8% contribution exemption in the first six months of the year (by June 23, 2022).

€200 bonus
€200 bonus

As stated by INPS itself, there is a possibility that some beneficiaries will have to pay the compensation once and for all. In fact, after provisional recognition of support by INPS, the institution will have to perform all necessary checks to verify the actual existence of the self-certified requirements declared by the applicants. If any differences are found, the entire reward must be returned.