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Bad weather in Como, Lecco and the central north: wind and mudslides

Bad weather in Como, Lecco and the central north: wind and mudslides

Bad weather hit many parts of Italy overnight. and 48 hours Weather forecast They predict heavy rain due to an Atlantic disturbance moving from Central Europe to Italy. In Livorno, dozens of firefighters responded to the storm that hit the city, mudslides in Plevio in the Como region and anger among residents of streets occupied by debris, instead of a hurricane hitting Lake Garda, floods and landslides in Trentino, the first snow. In South Tyrol.

Hail increase in the Mediterranean, +30% in the last 10 years

Cyclone on Lake Garda

A tornado hit the Veronese area of ​​Lake Garda this morning. It didn’t hit the shore, but it was ‘discharged’ in the water. However, a check is being conducted to ensure that there are no boats in the lake at that time.

Landslides and floods in the Como region

A terrible storm hit the Como area during the night Landslides and floodsAs well as Torno and Como in Plevio already hit hard Bad weather Last July and a year ago. The city on Lake Como was engulfed by rivers of mud and debris. Bulldozers work to clear houses and roads. “The water has penetrated everywhere – says a witness – one hour of rain is enough to destroy the world”. Residents’ anger: “Nothing has changed since then2021 flood“.

Storms, new mudslides in Plevio: images from a drone

Livorno, 118 millimeters of rain per hour. Municipal Coc opens

A night of work with heavy interventions for Livorno’s firefighters, following a strong storm that hit the city and province. According to the municipality, “118 millimeters per hour touched the Carbolone rain gauge”. From 4.30, firemen in particular intervened for unprotected trees, branches and tiles of the roof of the house that fell in Ardenza through Lloyd. The Municipal Civil Defense Coc has opened an operations centre.

Floods and landslides in Trentino

There were more than 30 fire department interventions, especially the landslide on the West Cardesana state road branch to Terlago. Traffic blocked for hours: The road network has just been restored. Flood and fallen tree at entrance of Vela district. Traffic was disrupted in Valsugana, particularly on the border with Veneto, where strong winds brought down trees and threw debris and stones onto the road. The Civil Defense Department said that the weather warning of heavy thundershowers, wind and hydrological risk will continue till 6 pm today.

Vercelli, strong storms and winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour

Significant damage due to heavy thunderstorms and bad weather in the western part of Vercelli province. A team from the fire department of the Santhià Voluntary Division intervened in the municipality of Pianze for a torn roof and a second team for unsafe poles that ended up on the roadside. The affected areas have been protected, but many interventions are still underway. There are also problems in Valsesia, which has gusts of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Many afflictions call for felled trees and uprooted canopies. A widespread lightning storm across the Vercelli area was clearly visible from far away.

Biellese, water, wind and hail damage

Bad weather hit much of Biellese last night: strong winds, heavy thunderstorms, hail, lightning and a sky ablaze with continuous discharges of thunder. More than 30 interventions were carried out across the territory by the teams of Biella, Cossato and Ponzone of the fire brigade. The most affected areas include the municipalities of Lessona, Cossato, Ternengo, Valdilana (Valle Mosso and Soprana), Casapinta and Mezzana Mortigliengo. Many plants have fallen on roads and high voltage poles. Later, the tiles flew off the roof and onto the street or parked cars and left entire streets and neighborhoods in the dark for hours. In Messana, the roof of a house was literally blown off, and in Massaza more than 10 telephone poles fell on Drozzi road, in front of the municipal cemetery and on the road to Saluzzola. Finally, in Vigliano Biellese, lightning struck the center through Milano, leaving numerous homes without power.

Civitavecchia, tornadoes and fallen trees

Civitavecchia in the Sant’Agostino region was hit by a strong tornado this morning. Firefighters from Bonifacio Barracks intervened to protect some fallen or uprooted trees.

First snow in South Tyrol

First snow of the season on the high peaks of South Tyrol. The white flakes fell on the Val Martello mountains near the Sevedale glacier and on the 3,200-meter-high iceman Otsi peak in the Val Chenales, not far from the top station of the cable car.

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