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Whirlpool is coming from France

The new week begins on the peninsula with bad weather. In fact, the new cyclonic vortex will come directly from France.

New disturbances coming to the peninsula (via Pixabay)

new Bad weather During this week, with bad weather That will return to harass the peninsula. Rainfall and precipitation will return to most parts of the country, precisely because of A. Whirlpool is coming from France. Moreover, high pressure will still be too weak to resist. That is why the deep vortex of low pressure will be crucial to the meteorological trend of our country.

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We’ll see in detail how this deterioration in meteorological conditions begins North West. In fact already during the early hours of the morning we will have Rainfall Ready to hit Aosta Valley, Lombardy And alpine sectors in Piedmont. Elsewhere, it will still be able to withstand the good weather, before the vortex takes over the peninsula. So let’s go see what happens from a meteorological point of view during Monday.

Weather, the first sign of bad weather in Italy: rain from the northwest

bad weather
New low pressure vortex in the peninsula (via Pixabay)

Therefore, it will open on Monday with new disturbances ready to damage the weather on the peninsula. We’ll have another week of bad weather, with Is raining Which could reach the entire peninsula in the next few days. It will start to rain Western Alps By evening they will arrive, too Liguria. So let’s see in detail what will happen to the three major sectors.

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In regions Northern Italy We’ll have rain and rain from the Alps. In fact, from morning onwards, the rain will hit Aosta Valley, Lombardy And part of Piedmont. By the evening hours, we will have the first rains in Liguria as well. The situation would be better a the NortheastWe will have a sunny climate over the rest of the strip. Temperatures will drop sharply, with rises From 16 to 23 degrees.

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While instead in regions Central Italy We will have good weather in most of the sector. just in Sardinia There will be some transit veils, but there will be no rain in the rest of the strip. Temperatures will be constant, with extreme fluctuations From 24 to 28 degrees.

Finally in regions Southern Italy There will be a clear sky or few clouds throughout the day. In the southern regions we will havehigh pressure Ready to resist the attack of the cold vortex. Temperatures will be constant or elevated, as temperatures rise From 23 to 28 degrees.