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When will the abundance of snow in the Alps and Valpadana arrive?  When will the drought end in the northwest?

When will the abundance of snow in the Alps and Valpadana arrive? When will the drought end in the northwest?

Same story every year: many probable probabilities of heavy snowfall on the northern plains, then almost always, except in rare cases, only crumbs are collected, which are concentrated in a few regions, in this case Emilia, even if yesterday there was a comfortable snowfall on Verona, in defiance of those Who says it doesn’t snow in town 🙂

Unquestionably isolated case because From today until the end of the month at leastif something arrives it will be a little wind and a little cold, because even the taboo returns with a warm personality that will rise from the south Between Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th January It will be limited to bringing some light snowfall again in Emilia-Romagna and then in the lower Piedmont, none in the Alpine sector and some scattered rain on the open plains.

Therefore, the rarity of phenotypes between western Liguria and Piedmont and western species and the lower Valle d’Aosta will continue to be of concern., the daughter of an anomaly with distant roots but it was hoped that the winter depression would return in some way. Instead nothing.

The only hope I told you in the last days, It wasn’t much related to the second cold outbreakwhich will probably hit the north from the north and go to dig another depression in the south, bringing bad weather and even snow at low altitudes, But on to the third hack, which the presenters seem to be ignoring almost this morning.

And when I say absolutely I mean the chances of it appearing during the early days of February are slim, 5-10% probability.
Here are the cards attesting to this, let’s go in order: The first sees a cold intrusion on January 28-29-30 going north to south but with a northerly wind, the second card shows a possible high pressure swell in the following period, which should prevent the entry of Third hack:

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But isn’t there some map that thinks of introducing a basin, if not from the north, at least from the west affecting the north? Yes, but we had a hard time finding it. Let’s say that out of the fifty scenarios proposed, it can be seen in only two, this one and we are talking about the fifth of February (It’s also a very unassuming pass from the West):

Meanwhile up Monday 23 January These are the expected precipitation accumulations in Italy, as you can see with 0 mm there is only a large part of the north, with the exception of Emilia-Romagna and Lower Veneto, and it should be noted that Tuscany will also be in the same conditions:

Conclusion: Mind you, in the weather what doesn’t appear on any map of the different emissions suddenly appears the next day, but it’s only right to point out what the models are telling us at this moment. We must also take into account the strong global warming that is about to appear in the stratosphere, which can also cause chaos in the troposphere, split the polar vortex into several branches and disturb the atmospheric circulation also in Europe, but it is just a hypothesis, it does not happen This is automatically. What seems certain is that until at least the beginning of February, the Alps and Valpadana will not see any flake, save for some snowfall on Monday the 23rd in Emilia and lower Piedmont on Tuesday the 24th.