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What would happen if a black hole swallowed the Earth?  video

What would happen if a black hole swallowed the Earth? video

Here's what we would see if a black hole suddenly appeared and swallowed our Earth. Can we survive this collective “pasta”?

The universe is full of black holes, and indeed: scientists are convinced that there is a supermassive hole at the center of every galaxy. But what would happen if the Earth was suddenly sucked into a black hole? Will we have time to do something to survive? In a video posted by the channel on YouTube “what if” A fun (and at least painful) simulation of what would happen if a black hole suddenly appeared near Earth.

The Earth was sucked into a black hole
The Earth was sucked into a black hole. Credit: What If (YouTube)

Collective “pasta”.

We assume that black holes exist Supernova remnants Which occurs when stars 10 to 20 times larger than the Sun collapse in on themselves. These are called “stellar” black holes and are very common. Supermassive black holes, on the other hand, are roughly the size of our entire solar system and have a similar mass A million suns combined. One of them, known as Sagittarius A*She's there In the center of our galaxy. But how dangerous should a black hole be to us? Well, technically a black hole that size From the head of a pin It would already be large enough to destroy us if it were close enough to Earth, due to its incredibly intense mass and gravity. Our survival will depend on whether we succeed or not Event horizon.

Black hole, quasar
Credit: NASA

It depends on the distance

If the ground is close enough it will start To reach itOur atmosphere will begin to absorb and large pieces of land will break off from the Earth's surface. The black hole's strong gravitational pull would cause the tides to deflect It would distort the planetWhich leads to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In short, the entire planet will begin to expand in a process known as “spaghetti.” At that point we will not even realize that our body and everything around us will disintegrate In many small atoms. not enough: The entire solar system He will be upset. Planets can go collide with each other The asteroid belt will be sucked towards Earth. Then all the matter in our solar system would come together To the cumulative disk About black hole. In short, however, there will be no happy ending for man and Earth. But fortunately, the possibility of Earth approaching a black hole is very remote. Below is the full videoGood vision!

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What if the Earth was sucked into a black hole?