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Bard Assistant coming soon: This is what the interface will look like

Bard Assistant coming soon: This is what the interface will look like

Google is preparing for the official launch of the new Bard Assistant AI-powered virtual assistant. From the previews provided by Google, it appears that Assistant with Bard will completely replace the current version experience on supported Android devices. This means that You will be able to access the AI ​​in the same way you currently summon the Assistant, such as long pressing the power button or saying “Hey Google.” More details have emerged recently following the teardown of the Google app, which was uploaded to the Play Store recently.

So it looks like Google is planning to place the experience prominently on the Discover page in the Google Search app. It looks like a new feature will be enabled that will allow you to do this Quickly switch from regular Google search to AI-powered search. The new button looks like a physical switch and will be located at the top of the page, above the Google logo, rather than in the current bottom bar.

Right now, it's unclear if this feature is set to become a permanent feature in the Discover tab, as the toggle could also serve as a temporary reminder of the Assistant with Bard experience for those who haven't already done so.

Above we can see The actual popup that will be used to send new requests to the Assistant With Bard it's not a completely new design. In fact, we first saw it during the Pixel 8 event in October, when future AI functionality was previewed. Using the three buttons at the bottom, you'll be able to write or speak a message and/or share a photo with the Assistant.

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Among other Bard-related news, Google Search is also gearing up for the show A clearer message encouraging you to update your Assistant to include Bard's AI features. The new pop-up will appear on top of the typical Assistant tab, and will suggest some ways AI can help and offer a “Try Now” button. Google Assistant with Bard still isn't available to anyone, but these design changes show that the official launch is getting closer.

Speaking of Google Bard, the company decided to use Reddit to explore which features will be most in demand by users in 2024. Many of them will arrive with the introduction of Gemini, but for more details we refer you to read the original article.