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What will happen in the next episode

What will happen in the next episode

A few moments ago, the new episode of Maria de Filippi’s friends. Here are all the previews we thank her colleagues for Friends news and SuperGuidaTv:

studio guests Alessandra Amoroso. The singer, who was loved by the Italian public so much, will present her new song titled blue nights She will launch her own tour. The singer is also returning to the studio Georgia. next to her? Beppe VessicchioAnd the Michelle Bravy And the stash Judging the unpublished competition and determining who will sing in the final Tu si que vales?

Our moles warn us that there will be beautiful surprises for two singers. Which? we will Belen Rodriguez will surprise wax While erama Send a video message to Aaron. Because? Apparently, the production heard a conversation in the hut and decided to give them a beautiful gift.

erama, in Miami, unable to attend, sent a video message dedicated to Aaron. On the other hand, Beilin entered the studio that I brought Maria de Filippi. It would be strange to see the reaction of the young singer on TV.

Raimundo TodaroHowever, after he was at the concert Alex Wise Along with many of the former competitors of friendsbut also a Lorella Kocarini And the Rudy Al-Zorbiled to Mattia Greetings from friend Christian.


during the day On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, two news items arrived about the bombs. the first? Those related to the unpublished race. The winning singer will be given the opportunity to perform He lives in one show Peak time is of great importance to the pilot Mediaset. Whoever wins will be able to perform on stage Tu si que vales during the final program.

To determine who will win this award: vesicioAnd the Michelle Bravy And the stash. The choice was difficult, but it was in the end Aaron. He will be the one to perform in front of him Belen Rodriguez and colleagues, but also in front of the judges and Sabrina Verily As well as for all final audiences. As for the dance, he was the winner Gianmarco.

Can Raimundo Todaro How did you take it? It will be up to a disciple Alessandra Celentano Dance on the notes before Aaron In prime time Channel 5.