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What they contain, here's the product to avoid - Libero Quotidiano

What they contain, here’s the product to avoid – Libero Quotidiano

gluten free? not exactly. The Ministry of Health, on June 9, has Summon a batch of biscuits From the spell under the Balloon brand. Reason? Mentioned on the label ingredient “gluten-free”, But the product contains gluten.” Packages affected by the ruling – identify them Food Fact – 120 grams batch number 31 10 21 and the minimum validity period 31/10/2021. The food production site is located at Via Fabio Filzi 22, in Valdagno, in the Province of Vicenza. Whereas the company in question is Sella Food Srl, which produced cakes for Lunardi Srl.

As a precaution, this is recommended for people with celiac and people with non-celiac gluten intolerance. Never use the product with the reported batch number. in case of purchase, Return it immediately at the point of sale. In any case, the warning is not aimed at those without celiac disease or gluten intolerance: these people’s biscuits can be safely consumed, a few days in advance, champions of remembrance Lidl Stuffed Pastry Packs.

In this case it was recognized as “Possible oxide contamination of ethylene in the chili component. “It was the same vacuum device that posted the recall of several batches of the luxury brand’s product.” Due to the small amount of this component in the final product – Lidl writes – customers are reassured that the latter does not pose a health risk (the assumed concentration of ethylene oxide in the final product is equal to 0.0000183 mg / kg). To list the products in question, always Il Fatto Alimentare: the food was contained in the 965g packages that was part of lot 21005A The packages in question were Packaged by Ajinomoto Frozen Foods France, and more precisely in the creation of the allée des Tournesols 771, ZAC du Barraouet, at Castelsarrasin in France.

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