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"What problems do you have? Get the Northern League ministers back from government" - Libero Codidiano

“What problems do you have? Get the Northern League ministers back from government” – Libero Codidiano

“But what a problem Matteo Salvini? “. When Enrico Letta Is quiet, in B.D. They send Pepe Provencano, Dem Deputy Secretary and former Minister of Conte 2 Government. And the controversy certainly runs on social media. “But what problems does Salvini have in European funds?” Provencano asks provocatively on Twitter – he was previously in Brussels. NextGenerationEu, Is now sabotaging the reforms to get them in Italy. Yes, he can not end the League’s 49 million, but if he does not like them, it’s simple: Northern League ministers called on them to manage to resign. In a few lines, let alone the “Frankenstein” who supports the government with a more determined majority capable of continuing personal and political provocations. Mario Draghi By the express will of the President Sergio Matterella. The “National Unity Government”, of course, but the Democrats behind the Prime Minister continue to shell out the “Accidental Coalition” League without any hindrance.

“There are ripples in the majority. Salvini says no to reforms. Perhaps he does not understand that we will lose money this way, but the Democrats are the center of attraction and the guarantee that Italy will not miss the extraordinary opportunity of PNNR”, for Mayor P.D. in Rome. Echoes candidate Provencino Roberto Qualteri, Former Minister of Economy of Conte 2 and above all well integrated into the European nomenclature. The game of parts for electoral use is revealed: Salvini the villain and B.D. The sheriff is the only force that can restore order and ensure good success.


“If Salvini says reforms have not been made – and, after the League’s interview, he has drawn the line of the Letta attack. Republic It is very difficult in Europe – to draw the consequences and get out of this government that was created to make reforms “.” Letta is obsessed with Salvini – that’s the answer Print -. He keeps talking about me every day. “We are not the real obstacle to reforms, especially the two most urgent justice and taxation. If Minister Cordobia brings a good justice reform to parliament, the problems will not come from the League, but from the Democrats and the M5s. “