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Police catch mafioso through cooking videos on youtube

He settled in the Caribbean and lived like a ghost, according to investigators. But his passion for Italian food has now dispelled a mafioso.

With the help of his cooking videos on YouTube, the Italian police discovered the beloved mafioso of Entrangeta in the Caribbean. Police said Monday that the man had been wanted for drug trafficking with an arrest warrant since 2014.

He fled to the Dominican Republic, where he was only known as Mark. He was very focused on where he was going in everyday life, and it was like a ghost to investigators.

Recognized by Tattoos

However, according to investigators, he and his wife had set up a YouTube channel for Italian food, in which they posted several cooking videos. His face was never found there, but police identified him from his tattoos. “The love for Italian cuisine made it possible to follow the remaining traces on the internet and social media,” the police wrote in their message.

Last Wednesday, Dominican Republic officials finally arrested him during an Interpol operation. He landed at Milan airport on Monday with a plane.

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