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What happens to your body in a month if you walk 20,000 steps a day?

What happens to your body in a month if you walk 20,000 steps a day?

One girl told Newsweek about the effects of walking 20,000 steps every day for an entire month. The changes have been amazing for both body and mind

Robin Laird wanted to conduct an experiment: Walking 20,000 steps a day for a month To know the potential effects and benefits.

He narrated his experience to Newsweek. The girl began her story by saying that when she was young, she always saw a man walking around the city, walking quickly at all times of the day. She would go to school and see him, then she would come back from school and he would still be walking in the streets.

I thought: Why is this man walking? Where are you going? How does he have so much time to walk? For a month I decided to follow in his footsteps. I spent 30 days walking 20,000 steps a day and it was a much more transformative experience than I expected. I’ve been walking 15,000 steps a day since the pandemic started, and it’s really been transformational. I didn’t think taking 5,000 extra steps a day would make that much of a difference.

When it comes to walking, it simply means getting dressed and going out, without worrying about how many steps you take daily.

Once you get into the habit of walking daily and solidifying the habit, you can start improving it by increasing your step count and tracking them in more detail, perhaps by purchasing a smart watch.

Walking 20,000 steps a day: the benefits

Robin Laird has noticed many benefits from walking 20,000 steps a day.

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First of all it is Improve sleepthe PositionThe shoulders were more open, and the body was also smaller and more toned. He lost a few pounds of fat, but he also… I gained muscle.

But the The most notable benefit was emotional stability and resilience.

I noticed that by spending so much time walking every day, my feelings were incredible. I feel balanced and like I’m in touch with a true, deep, happy version of myself.

If we think of physical movement as a way to feel great rather than as punishment or to lose weight, we create a completely different relationship with it.

Physical activity becomes less about hitting a certain number on the scale and more about simply performing your best and feeling good every day.

The main drawback and objection is time. It takes a long time to walk, and 20,000 steps take up several hours of the day. For most people, it seems silly to dedicate a large portion of the day to movement.

One of the best tips is to combine walking with other things you have to do during the day.

Most of us underestimate the amount of time we have in a day. think about it. We have 24 hours a day.

Let’s say we sleep for eight of those hours and work nine to five hours, which means we waste another eight hours. We still have eight hours a day, which is more than twice the time it takes to walk 20,000 steps.

The other thing he did was hold small 1kg weights for his ankles and wrists; It is a way to train strength and endurance while walking.

I want to emphasize that this journey is not limited to walking only. It’s also about accepting small changes and improvements in our daily routine. Whether you start walking or adopt another positive habit, remember that the path to transformation begins with a first step.

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