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What happens to millions of Italians?

What happens to millions of Italians?

Many Italians have reported some problems with answering the classic “yes” on the phone. What's going on? Why is it better to never respond this way? Here is all the detailed information about this story.

Never answer a call positively: here's the reason that will surprise you (

Every day we receive a very large number of people on our phones Calls. Our contact can include friends, relatives, work colleagues and many other people who are part of our lives.

However, other times, it is possible to receive calls from unknown numbers or numbers not saved in the address book. In some cases, call centers contact the user to suggest some specific news. Why would it be better not to respond positively to the call?? That's the discovery we'll let you make.

Do you answer “yes” to calls? You risk getting into many problems: details

I disagree call center They try in every way to sell new contracts to the contacted users. In most cases, they act in the correct way possible, and do not activate any subscriptions except with actual confirmation from the concerned party. Some operatorsbut, They are not behaving properly.

Never answer yes to the phone: here's why (

We are referring to a phenomenon Silent or silent phone calls. In practice, various operators connect to many users in this way for purely commercial purposes. However, anyone acting illegally could put the unsuspecting user who answers the phone in serious trouble.

Get used to not answering the phone with the classic “yes.” very important. Let's analyze what could happen and all the risks associated with this simple statement.

Never answer the phone this way

Your voiceIn fact, it could be Recorded at the moment the fateful sentence was pronounced And“It is then compiled to effectively simulate a fake phone call, thus, Activating the phone contract against the user's will. Only when money is debited from the current account for an unwanted contract will the latter then realize that something did not go well.

So our advice is to get into the habit of never answering the phone. So the classic Bronto can Saves you from unpleasant fraudulent situations Like the one just mentioned. In fact, call centers with scam operators cannot use these or other terms to activate anything against your will.

Furthermore, numerous consumer advocacy associations highlight how not to make any further moves over the phone. In addition to receiving potentially silent phone calls, the risk is being contacted by fraudulent operators who will make fake offers. If so, it would be important Never provide personal dataSuch as the International Bank Account Number (IBAN), tax code, or various codes related to electricity and gas.

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