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What America Wants - Time

What America Wants – Time

Giada Oricchio

What’s behind the US document on Russian financing of political forces in twenty-four countries? Why did the report come 11 days after the poll? What is America’s goal? Geopolitical analyst Lucio Caracciolo, host of the talk show “OttoeMezzo”, tried to answer these questions. On Thursday’s September 15 episode, host Lily Gruber asked if the US intelligence report was a “warning” to the center-right in light of the September 25 elections, and the magazine’s director and the Limes school unpacked. The problem: “We are thinking about hypotheses, because we do not have documents, we cannot go into details. It is ancient history that Russia funds friends and sympathizers in the world, it did in the first republic, but now we are at a bad stage.

Caracciolo added an important piece: “Frankly, I don’t think the United States wants to get too involved in our elections, it wants a stable government, and for this reason it is building some support for the Italian technocratic structures around the next center-right government. . He wants experienced politicians to avoid bad people because they have never ruled.

Both Caracciolo and the newspaper’s editor, Massimo Giannini PrintAmerica has been defeated: either they give names and surnames or they remain silent, because “if there is nothing concrete it is rather interference”.

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