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Winter Olympics, U.S. against Chinese spy processor

Winter Olympics, U.S. against Chinese spy processor

Leave your smartphones and other devices at home because the Chinese are spying on you“Again:” The advice is to pick up a disposable phone that has no personal data. “These are two of those announcements. American Olympic Committee Addressed to its athletes who are going to Beijing, where the 24th edition Winter Olympic Games. The UK Five-Circle Group has announced that it will provide phones for all team members for the event, while Dutch and Canadian colleagues will also receive a temporary PC for travel to China. What is important to the problem is that there is a risk that the local government and other agencies will have access to the important information of all participants in the event.

Is the stone of corruptionMy2022 ApplicationFormed by Beijing Financial Holdings Group, a company selected by the Chinese government Monitor the course of Govt disease in the country About foreigners entering the country. All participants, therefore, athletes, technology and medical teams, but also journalists, managers, delegates and spectators (generally without paying for games, should not download the application for 14 days prior to the increased risk of infections). Depart for China and be allowed to enter the requested data every day, monitor the health of local authorities and intervene if necessary. However, the use of information such as how to get to the Olympic campus, weather, news and emergency alerts is too bad to be safe.

One step Relationship From Citizens’ LaboratoryIs a non-profit organization of the Monk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, dedicated to cyber security and human rights (which is responsible for the invention. Pegasus spy software), I Data entered into the application can be read and stored by Internet providers and Chinese telecommunications companies, In addition to the local government, under the law in force in the country, user data can be deleted without prior notice and approval. Added to this is the ambiguity of usage regarding companies sharing information related to passport data, vaccination cycle, locations visited and other personal data.

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Per Jeffrey KnuckleCitizen Lab researcher who studied My2022, is in the process An encryption system with multiple vulnerabilities, Facilitating potential hacker attacks and taking advantage of the control of housing authorities. “App users are like sending data to the Chinese government,” Nakal said, adding that all information can be intercepted, especially when connected to an unreliable network such as Wi-Fi hotspots. This report also highlights the existence of a list of Key words, especially difficult for communist rule: These are 2,442 words like Taiwan, Uyghur and Tibet, which can cause problems for those who type them and trigger censorship by local authorities. This is because the same government has promised that foreign participants will be suspended by the Great Firewall, which will block access to widely used sites and websites in other parts of the world.

Beyond the continued announcements of complete safety of use by Chinese authorities, the lawsuit alleges that embassies in the most panicked countries and through the International Olympic Committee, the same citizens’ laboratory leaks were not taken as an order. Searched by Beijing because the vulnerabilities found in the most used search engines in the country are the same. The researchers said they were concerned but not surprised. On the other hand, the event organizing committee was surprised at the failure to repair the cracks and the lack of response. The German committee has called on athletes and other members of the Olympic team not to download the My2022 app.. The Americans went further Revealed Gives USA TodayThe committee was instructed to be familiar with the use and management of private networks, in order to avoid the restrictions imposed by the Chinese authorities.

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He said there was no opposition in Italy and that Connie had not yet provided information on the matter, adding that the athletes and all persons invited to their support would pay for the Chinese dictatorship. Leaving the smartphone and computer is not as simple as the messaging apps you keep in touch with family and friends, but the console for coping with anxiety, boredom and stress. And above all, because we are not used to it.