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Weather report.  Cyclone towards Italy, June 2 Fresh rain and heavy thunderstorms.  Situation and evolution in the next few hours « 3B Meteo

Weather report. Cyclone towards Italy, June 2 Fresh rain and heavy thunderstorms. Situation and evolution in the next few hours « 3B Meteo

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Italian Weather News
Italian Weather News

The situation is 8 am. A small but powerful cyclonic circulation is moving from the French Riviera towards Corsica and will settle over the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea in the evening. An instability is developing around its center, rising from Sardinia towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. Rain and thunderstorms are discharged into the open sea, but also cover the southern part of the island, especially the Cagliari region. Other unstable events are developing along the northern edge of the vortex and include western Liguria, with some thunderstorms currently isolated, Located in Imperia. Meanwhile, an old unstable impulse connected to a vortex in the Balkan sector is moving away from parts of southeastern Italy. Recent rains in Puglia, Now weak. Finally, rashes have been reported in the Alps bordering the emerging northeast circulation towards the center of the gyre, which is now near the Côte d’Azur. Elsewhere in Italy, June 2 starts off sunnyBut let’s see how it goes over the next few hours:

Weather for the next hour. Al Nord Large areas with clear weather in the morning, except for clusters in the Alps, Liguria, Lower Piedmont and western Emilia with some thunderstorms in western Liguria. As the hour progresses, instability increases in the Ligurian east, where some thunderstorms move inland. Showers and thunderstorms will increase in instability over the central-eastern Po Valley and strengthen in the afternoon. Events usually subside in the evening. to Center Clouds increase in the Tyrrhenian regions in the morning with the first rain in Lazio, intensifying from the afternoon and extending to Tuscany, Abruzzo, Umbria and Marche, especially to the south; However, clear weather will appear on the Tyrrhenian coasts during the day, while instability will generally focus inland, with thunderstorms in Tuscany and Abruzzo, but generally easing in the evening. to Suth Clouds will increase in Campania with rain and showers from the afternoon, rapidly expanding to Lucania and central-northern Puglia, with thunderstorms in Fogiano. More clarity elsewhere. In Sardinia Progress in the morning in the south, with the past rain easing and a tendency to clear up. Enter the section for all details Italy weather.

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Sunday weather
Sunday weather

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