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Weather forecast.  Christmas and Boxing Day with anticyclone, but fog, clouds and local drizzle.  Here «3B Meteo

Weather forecast. Christmas and Boxing Day with anticyclone, but fog, clouds and local drizzle. Here «3B Meteo

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Christmas weather
Christmas weather

The northwesterly currents that swept over much of Italy in recent days have now dissipated and the Atlantic anticyclone has stretched eastward to embrace central-southern Europe starting on Christmas Eve. Between Christmas and Boxing Day the weather is generally stable. But moist westerly currents move within the anticyclone, making it somewhat irregular and thick Local weak rainfall in exposed areas, i.e. on the Tyrrhenian side. More humid air favors the intensity of fog in the Po Valley The climate is mild, especially at high altitudes. Temperatures will be inverted on Christmas Day, with the freezing point at 3200/3400m in the Alps and 3600/3800m in the south. But let's take a closer look at the predictions leading up to Boxing Day.

Christmas weather. Stable weather, but thickening and some possible in Liguria, the Tyrrhenian parts of the peninsula and Umbria Drizzle in eastern Liguria, upper Tuscany and upper Campania, It is high from afternoon to evening. A few harmless clouds over Friuli VG and widespread fog and mist in the Po Valley, especially mid-eastern clouds, which keep the sky mostly gray even during the day as they lift. Elsewhere the climate is mostly sunny. Temperatures drop slightly in the mid-north, but are still above average for the period, especially in the mountains. Local maximum temperatures above 1500m on sun-exposed alpine slopes exceed 10°C., slightly lower on the Apennines. Weak or moderate wind from west-northwest.

Christmas weather
Christmas weather

Weather in San Stefano. Despite the anticyclone and atmospheric stability, irregular cloudiness persists over the Po valley, the pre-Alpine belt (although there are fog banks in the plains), Friuli Vigi, the Tyrrhenian regions, Umbria and western parts of Sardinia. Northern Sicily. Some drizzle is expected in eastern Liguria, upper Tuscany, Lazio and upper Campania, Especially in the first part of the day. Sunnier in the Alps, Adriatic and Ionian regions. Constant temperature or a small local drop in the north. Weak westerly breeze. The anticyclone will start weakening gradually from Thursday, December 28 First transatlantic disturbances.

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