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What happens in one minute on the Internet?  beyond belief

What happens in one minute on the Internet? beyond belief

What happens every minute on the Internet? Expert data captures an (incredibly) changing world. Numbers.

We are immersed in the network. Not from today. Online searches, viewing content, listening to music, and interacting on social networks have replaced many of our daily, living habits. But sometimes we don't think about it: you know What happens every minute on the Internet? What we are about to tell you will leave you speechless.

What happens every minute on the Internet? –

The numbers we will present come from network experts and provide an annual picture of Internet usage and everything related to it. Perhaps the most interesting thing of all is the preliminary information that we provide you: The current global population using the Internet is 5.2 billion people, or 64.6% of the world's population. This is more than double the 2.1 billion people in 2013. In ten years the world has changed.

What happens in one minute on the Internet?

In short, the Internet is now a parallel universe, where things happen at the same speed (or even faster) than in real life, as evidenced by The 11th edition of Data Never Sleeps, the annual chart detailing what's happening every minute online. It's been compiled every year since 2013 by the data experts at Domo.

What happens every minute on the Internet around the world? –

It is clear that from year to year new customs are introduced, while others disappear. At least from the top positions. For example, time spent in Zoom-based meetings is not on the chart this year, as was the case during the pandemic. What is found instead in the representation of numbers 2023 is now closing is The frequency at which Taylor Swift receives the stream (69,400 times per minute). Also new – in keeping with this year's collective internet obsession – is a rumor about generative AI, specifically that ChatGPT receives a total of 6,944 requests every minute.

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Another interesting statistic is that People trade $398 million worth of Treasuries online every minute. While it is being ratified Average $455,000 (about €415,000) spent on Amazon in the same 60 seconds. with regard to Emails sent, 231.4 million were sent per minute last year, while this year it rose to 241 million per minute.. (In 2013, the statistic was 204 million).

Finally, some additional data. Google searches: From 5.9 million per minute last year to 6.3 million (2 million per minute in 2013). tweet: From 347,200 minutes last year to 360,000 in 2023, after a decrease between 2021 and 2022 (100,000 in 2013). Years of streaming content: 43 years of streaming every minute. Last year, Domo defined this as 1 million hours of streaming per minute. One million hours would cover 114 years, so it appears that broadcast time has decreased since the pandemic has “ended.”