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We, Italian families, are those who have been destroyed by taxes

We, Italian families, are those who have been destroyed by taxes

They tell you a big lie:primary surplus and the difference Between the entrances and exits of the country, by Interests. We have always made useless budgets for one’s part conditionThen there is the financial aspect which is another matter.

This means that we were no better than Germany But we were five times higher. the point political – social HE: But we are sure that the primacy of dexterity, and rigor not quite known to the general public, was a harbinger. Results positive? The answer is Negation. Italian GDP grows very little in the mentioned period, compared to other countries. This is the group detail Master Bank on data Eurostat. The change is determined based on Gross domestic product Real Eustat data has been linked to 2010 in 2020, compared to 1995.

Two concepts emerge from this survey: We were actually the country that did the most Cuts public spending and increase tax burden On homes and businesses at the European level. So we are the ones who sacrificed most of the Italian families and companies. This didn’t do us any good, secondly, we didn’t have a file a plus of GDP—as neoliberal doctrines teach it—by cutting public spending, saving and increasing the tax burden, but as it was easy to imagine and document today, this increase in the tax burden on households and a reduction in public spending had the opposite effect: the debt-to-GDP ratio . If you compress the denominator more than you do the numerator, you destroy GDP growth.

The Debt to GDP Ratio It got worse because we destroyed the GDP of the country, which consists of the ability of individuals to achieve GDP (with the increased taxes we slaughtered them with) and on the other hand, we slaughtered household consumption and public spending which destroyed the multiplier effect, that is, the ability to put wealth in the system. We have to change course: it’s called humane economics.

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