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Uomini e Donne, Lilli Pugliese lo ha fatto post scelta: il ‘cosa’ è spiazzante

Men and women, Lily Police did so after the selection: “What” is disturbing

In a recent interview, Lily Pugliese admitted what she did after Luca Salatino chose men and women.

Police Nightafter discovering that it is not an option Luca Salatino for men and womenShe returned to her previous life, between work, commitments, friends and family. On social networks, where her followers are constantly growing, she has not always been very present but in the past few days she has been eager to thank everyone who has stood by her side in recent weeks. She was eager to thank everyone who sent her letters filled with emotion one by one. She admitted that she was very happy and she admitted with eyes full of emotion and gratitude that fans had become like second family to her.

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At the same time, recently He gave an interview to a men’s and women’s magazineWhere he talked about his career within the program and choosing a job. In this regard, during her interview, she allowed herself to go through personal confessions about what she had done in the days immediately following the selection of the previous tronista. That’s what he said.

Men and women, Lily Police admits that …

During the interview with Men and Women magazine, Lily Pugliese said that despite her disappointment and regret that Luca Salatino was not chosen, She is proud of her track.

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I’m fine today, or at least better than I was in the days immediately following the selection. On top of that, I’m moving forward with the realization that everything passes and that I’ve faced just the worst in life. I live this lack of certainty that it will pass. I think I told Luca all I had to say. I don’t think my fears will return because I have found having the courage to express your feelings more satisfying than holding them back. I work a lot on myself.

But if he is healthy now and thinking about his future, in the days immediately after Luca’s choice, to the speakers of a men’s and women’s magazine He confessed You weren’t feeling well. And for this, she shuts down herself, as she usually does when she is ill:

I don’t deny that I had a particularly difficult few days because I closed myself off: unfortunately when I feel bad, I tend to do so.