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“Abolition of the act of independence from the Soviet Union”

“Abolition of the act of independence from the Soviet Union”

The Parliament Russian attacks independence Lithuania. in press release Issued by a Russian news agency allied with the Kremlin, we read the following: “Fedorov’s deputy submitted to the State Duma a project on the abolition of the Decree of the State Council of the USSR on the recognition of the independence of the Republic of Lithuania” .

Lithuania has been independent since 1991

The independence of Lithuania (along with the independence of Latvia and Estonia) was recognized in September 6, 1991 At a meeting of the State Council of the USSR headed by Mikhail Gorbachev. The independence process was long and difficult and also involved many civilian casualties, because the Soviet armed forces tried several times to suppress popular movements for self-government.

Hard line against Moscow

Since the beginning of the conflict, Lithuania has always taken a hard line against Moscow regarding European sanctions. It also supports Ukraine’s decision to Join the European Union It provided military support to Kyiv, which sent heavy weapons and mortars. Lithuania also proposed creating a naval alliance to lift the Russian blockade and resume Ukrainian grain exports.

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