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“We Didn’t Know” Strongest consumption at night (the sting) If you cut those you’re safe

The real sting on the bills is at night: when everything outside the house is so consuming.

It may sound paradoxical, but thrift experts point out that the real bite for Italians has to do with electricity come at night.


Savings experts point out how convinced Italians are that the house is at night You practically do not consume anything.

The house consumes a lot at night

This is a very serious misunderstanding and also very bad because if you don’t realize the actual energy consumption It will be very difficult to stop it.


In fact, household appliances consume a lot at night. In principle, Italian families are convinced that at night when everything is dark And everything is off, the devices can use absolutely nothing of power, but this is completely wrong. First of all, the refrigerator is always working and the refrigerator is the most consumed. But on that front, savings are possible.

Much waste must be rectified immediately

In fact, keep the refrigerator away from the wall at least 10 cm It will help him to consume less. It is also important that the refrigerator is a modern A++ box refrigerator. In fact, such refrigerators have a low energy impact and their consumption is much lower. But if we have an old refrigerator It will be possible in any case to save by replacing the gaskets. In fact, old gaskets cause a lot of waste and thus also lead to a lot of wastage on the bill. But the house is consumed at night also because of the many appliances that Italians use Leave it in standby mode. This is a serious mistake because leaving devices on standby means consuming in a completely useless and illogical way.

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No heating needed at night

Consumer protection associations vigorously contest this custom among Italians. In fact, even if it is repeated several times Devices should never be left in standby mode Many still do and this weighs heavily on the bill. But you can save a lot at night Warm the bed with an electric blanket and avoid heating the apartment. This is really important because it doesn’t make sense (at least in part) to heat the whole house at night when you can Heating only the bed without spending almost anything with the electric blanket. So the real savings for Italian families can come right into the night through the implementation of those behaviors that are perhaps unexpected but can go so far as to completely eliminate useless waste.