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Voluntas represents a paradigm shift in the space economy

Voluntas represents a paradigm shift in the space economy

Milan, March 19. (askanews) – “The Voluntas mission is an event, from a state system perspective, where the Air Force and the Italian Space Agency collaborated to bring some experimental activities to orbit that, in a way, will also have repercussions for civil society. This gives me the opportunity to also say how space and activities The new, in some way connected to the space economy, also has ramifications for the civilian world, and therefore, how this is also a driving force for the economic supply chain and for the national economy. Industries operating in this particular sector. In particular, beyond the Axiom mission – which is a very important thing that represents A change of pace and also a paradigm shift compared to what has been done in past years because there is close cooperation between the research world, the industrial world and the enterprise world with the Air Force and ASI – so it represents a mark A for the beginning of a new era. It is estimated that the space economy could reach 2030 to a value of one thousand billion dollars, and this also gives the value of the activities carried out by the Italian Space Agency with other institutions as well, with the aim of supporting the national supply chain and thus national companies operating in the defense and space sector.”

This was put forward by Luca Salamone, Director General of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), speaking on the sidelines of the event “Human Space Flight: Opportunities for Italian Companies in the New Space Economy” organized in Milan by the Air Force and PwC Italia.

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