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Fine Ottobre a rischio maltempo

At the end of October, big rain is possible again! THE BRIDGE OF ALL SAINTS WE FIND THE COURSE TO THE »

Weather: At the end of October, heavy rain is possible again! We see the course up to All Saints Bridge

Risk of bad weather in late OctoberBy the end of October there will be heavy rains again. The dominance of high pressure that has dominated much of the last few weeks, will continue to affect the next few days, and may end in the last decade. October The arrival may mark a turning point from a meteorological perspective Series of Atlantic Tides With until the beginning of November All Saints Bridge.

To understand how the weather will develop, we must, as always, analyze the European synoptic structure. Well, the latest updates reveal a potential shock when it returns to a pulsating state in the last days of October. Depression of Iceland. But what is it about? Also known as a “subpolar cyclone”, it is an area of ​​low pressure that is permanently positioned in the North Atlantic Ocean, near the homonymous island. In concrete terms, it basically is Driving force of Atlantic disturbancesIt moves from high latitudes, first to the United Kingdom, France and the Iberian Peninsula, and then to the Mediterranean.Italy.

By the end of the month from the North Atlantic, a series of disturbance impulses could begin that could lead to a decisive autumn and cold phase in our country as well. If this is confirmed, they will not be excluded heavy rain, In character StormFirst at North, But later it was extended to other parts of the country. Risk in these types of structures flash flood And flood, Especially in the Tyrrhenian region, due to the high temperature of our oceans, the potential for massive storm cells to form is abundant.

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Subsequently, uncertainties increase, also due to temporal distance. However, from an analysis of recent data, it appears that unstable currents may recur until early November.
with which consequences? The most plausible hypothesis, at this point, sees us heading towards one Bad weather conditionswith risk Lots of rain Further All Saints Bridge.

As we always remember in these cases, we are dealing with conjecture at this point, which absolutely needs confirmation.

Towards the end of the month, the big Atlantic rains returnTowards the end of the month, the big Atlantic rains return