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Usage: New DNA technology, the descendant of Sitting Bull – Last Hour . has been identified

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, Oct 28 – A new technique in DNA analysis has allowed the identification with certainty of the last living descendant of a Sitting Bull. This is Ernie Lapointe, 73, of South Dakota, who is now officially recognized as the grandson of the famous Sioux chief Hunkpapa.

It took scientists 14 years to develop a technique that would allow DNA (that is, a chromosome that does not contain specific genetic information about an individual’s sexual description) to be analyzed in genetic fragments extracted from hair from a strand cut by an army doctor after Sitting Bull was murdered by Native American police in 1890. On behalf of the US government. The doctor also kept stockings of wool.

According to Eske Willerslev, the professor at the University of Cambridge who carried out the research, this new method of DNA analysis will allow establishing familial relationships between long-dead people and their surviving descendants, as well as aiding in forensic investigations in the absence of Evidence of DNA.

Lapointe always considered himself a famous descendant of the Sioux leader, wrote a book called Seated Bull: His Life and Legacy, and gave lectures in the United States and abroad on his legendary predecessor. (Dealing).

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