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Usage: 3 New York schools ban squid costumes for Halloween – last hour

(ANSA) — NEW YORK, Oct. 27 — The costumes of the hugely popular Netflix series Squid Game are probably among the most popular for Halloween, but not in elementary schools in the Fayetteville-Manlios area of ​​upstate New York. In fact, three principals sent an email to parents of the pupils, saying that red clothes and black masks are prohibited due to the South Korean series’ “violent message”. This restriction came after Syracuse-area school administrators explained that students were playing a version of the survival game that sparked much controversy. “Due to concerns about the potentially violent nature of the game, it is inappropriate,” read the letter to parents from Mott Road Elementary School, which was reported by the New York Post: “Even a Halloween costume inspired by this series does not meet our needs. Lines . Guide “.

Squid Game tells the story of a group of people who risk their lives in a deadly survival game to win the prize pool of 45.6 billion won, or roughly 33 million euros. After debuting in September on Netflix, nearly 111 million viewers watched the episodes, making it the most popular series on the platform, but also sparking a lot of controversy due to its violent nature. (Dealing).

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