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Paolo Del Dibbio, you have no idea what his qualifications are: he is nothing but a practical man

Paolo Del Dibbio, you have no idea what his qualifications are: he is nothing but a practical man

Paolo Del Dibbio, do you know what specialty the journalist graduated in? You'll never guess.

If we talk about Paolo del DibioWe must keep in our heads that we are talking about A Great professionalwho succeeded him Lots of apprenticeships that it A respectable CV. Presenter Ed Excellent writeralso plays a role University Professor. We've had him at the helm for some time Front and back On the network 4.

Born in 1958, Zodiac sign AquariumIt is, too Brilliant TV writer that it Former Italian politician. Found recently Health problems Ma He's fine todayTo the joy of his people Many fans. They like to follow him as well Small screenOkay, sincerely socialeven for a short time, indicates this Don't particularly bother updating it.

Eclectic man And come on A thousand interestsShe was Married for a long time With the Member of the Board of Directors He is a member of Media Executive Committee, Gina Neri. With her he had Two daughtersany Maddalena in 1989 H Sarah in 1992. Of which Private life But the journalist He doesn't like to talk And more so, because he believes it It should stay that way.

Present outside and inside television Paolo del Dibbio

However, many have argued that his heart it is time once again H Happily busy. Despite this, he continues to do so Declare yourself single. Not for nothing is it Very busy with his workwhich he often carries as well Away from home. After all, Ben the television, writing, the press H educationThere are many things to think about!

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Specifically how Teacher We find him busy IULM MilanoWhere he knows Professional ethics Mr. Dr Economy. At this point, many will begin to believe that he has a college degree in this field the press s Economy. In reality. This is not the case. Actually it is He has a nice score Yes, but in another area. Are you ready to find out with us what it is?

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Professional degree

Del DiPioIncredibly, he has a degree in philosophyIt's a theme he's always felt Very strong emotion. The professional entered Fininvest In 1998, as assistant to the then CEO Fidel Confalonieri. We've seen him busy as a presenter Starting in 2006primarily A I thought And then to Fifth morningalong with the legendary Federica Panicucci.

Then go to Fifth column Since May 2019 it has arrived Front and back, which he still drives today. And here he realizes Exclusive interviews, whose sections or at least parts thereof. They are coming It was instantly shared on social media, which is strongly commented on. And he, for his part, always flaunts one Great professionalisma Sharp mind that it Speak fluently. So The top of the top.