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USA: Jared Kushner Vs. Bannon, ‘A toxic presence’ – North America

In a new book titled ‘Breaking History: A White House Memoir’, Jared Kushner lashed out at Steve Bannon, calling him “toxic” in the White House. In a book to be released next month, CNN has released some developments, as Donald Trump’s son-in-law tells of his clashes with the former strategist, who he often accused of “undermining the president’s agenda.” “To break him in two” if Kushner ignores him.
The memoir’s detailed account offers new insight into the toxic climate that reigned in the White House during the former US president’s tenure. As Trump prepares for the 2024 election campaign, excerpts from the book reveal how close allies of his team have turned bitterly on each other since the early days of the administration, and how mistrust and hatred have affected every aspect of his government.
The president’s son-in-law writes that Bannon once threatened Gary Cohn, a veteran economic adviser, after he told him the former strategist had leaked negative information about him. “Steve, you have to stop (…)”, Kushner told him. “We’re trying to build a team”. “Jared, this time, you’re undermining the president’s agenda”, Bannon would have replied, immediately raising his voice and threatening him: “If you turn against me, I’ll break you in two”.

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