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US elections, the first Asian mayor in Boston and the second African-American in New York.  But the Democrats lost Virginia

US elections, the first Asian mayor in Boston and the second African-American in New York. But the Democrats lost Virginia

In the United States, Democrats are leading a New York it’s at Boston But they are back Virginia. Historic steps forward, with Michelle Wu who imposed herself in Boston to become the first female mayor of the city of Asian origin Eric Adams The second African American mayor of the Big Apple. Former President’s Speeches Donald Trump They forced Joe Biden To expose themselves, so the city and federal elections took on national weight. For these reasons, Adams – the former police officer, triumphed as a competitor Curtis Sliwa, founder of the guards guardian angels, who was wearing a red Trump hat – looks like a real defeat for the Republicans. For the same reasons, the Republican victory Glenn Youngkin in the election for Governor Governor Virginia is a slap to President Biden, who has also bothered himself Barack Obama in order to support Terry McAuliffeDemocratic candidate.

“Tonight is not just a victory over adversity, it is proof that the forgotten can be the future,” Khalifa said. Bill de Blasio, who at the age of 61 became the mayor of the number 110 American city BrooklynHe lived on his skin Racism from part of police. At the age of fifteen he was beaten in the street by agents from NYPDHence the decision to become a policeman and the dream of changing the system from within. So, having become a leader, in 2006 he was elected to the Senate, and in 2013 he became president of the Brooklyn District and is now a member of the city ​​Council from New York As the first citizen after a Election campaign In which he insisted on the issue of security, and managed to attract young people to his side progressives that the police.

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Democrat Michelle Wu Instead, he proposed a radical overhaul of the Boston Police Department. Wu moved to Massachusetts from Chicago so far Harvard, where she graduated before returning to Illinois to take care of her mother, who came to the United States from Taiwan. The Boston Globe She recounted the years she opened a literary-themed tea shop, and then Wu returned to politics in Boston. She is now mayor, after eight years in the city council as part of the senator’s staff Elizabeth Warren, which in 2020 applied for the primary demographics through an innovative program on the comprehensive health system. We are ready to be one Boston said the woman who broke the chain of Irish-American or Italian-American mayors. In the election campaign, focus on the free service of Public transport, help low-income people recover rent control, which has been illegal in Massachusetts since 1994.

But everyone’s eyes were on the elections in VirginiaAn old Republican stronghold passed through the hands of the Democrats in the last elections. “Okay, Virginia, we won!” started victorious, Glenn Youngkin, 54, was heavily supported by Donald Trump during the campaign. Another concern for Biden, who according to a survey conducted by CNBC The approval rate saw a decrease of 7 points from last July, when it decreased to 42%.

Yongkin said he would end the chaos of the era McAuliffe, declaring that “excellence will be restored in our schools, and we will offer choice in our public school system.” However, the African-American liberal columnist joey redReporter MSNBCPublic opinion warns. stated Fox News Talking about “a problem in schools is a symbol of white parents who don’t want to talk about racial problems at school.”

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Youngkin will be joined by Winsome Sears, the first female deputy governor of Virginia and The first black woman With a government position in the state.