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US Complains: Missiles from North Korea to Russia The weight of Wagner’s group increases: 50,000 men at the front

The Wagner groupA company of mercenaries is incorporated The KremlinActed as an intermediary for the purchase of weapons to be used on the Ukrainian front. North Korea. This has been revealed by US administration sources Reuters, is assessed as a significant signal of the expansion of the group’s role in the dynamics of the conflict. “We can confirm that North Korea has completed a First delivery of arms To Wagner who paid for the equipment », reports an anonymous source, indicating that it includes Rockets for infantry and missiles. According to the US analysis, this export is the first among others according to this logistic-business scheme: from North Korea, with a destination on the Ukrainian front, through the Wagner group. The Biden administration considers such items a Violation of UN resolutions and will be willing to bring the issue to their attention Security Council. North Korea has demonstrated its ability to rebuild Ballistic Missiles Capable of striking thousands of kilometers away Short range weapons. According to American estimates, the Wagner group will be present 50 thousand men Stopped in Ukraine 10 thousand mercenaries And 40 thousand prisoners Especially when he was released from Russian prisons. With the expansion of the group’s military expansion, the weight and political influence of Wagner’s founder and financier, businessman, would increase. Evgeny Prigogineconsidered nearby To the President Vladimir Putin.

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