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“We welcome those who have money for smugglers.” Meloni does not give up immigrants

Georgia Meloni He returns to the subject that marked the beginning of his term, namely immigrants. while recording From door to doorThe Prime Minister spoke of the close confrontation between Italy and France: a very difficult clash that saw the Elysee badly hit the Chigi Palace for not allowing migrants to disembark from Ocean Vikingthen forced to set course for Toulon in France.

The clash that arose from this refusal demonstrated, once again, the difficulties faced by the European Union in managing the phenomenon of migration, with real participation in monitoring external borders and the subsequent redistribution of persons arriving on the territory of the European Union. Paris also decided, on that occasion, to boycott the transfer agreement Asylum seekers with Italy and also asked other European governments to do the same, hoping to isolate Rome and thus be able to change the position of the centre-right executive. Emmanuel Macron’s blitzkrieg has failed: many CEOs have avoided following the French example by demonstrating their willingness to keep the pact. However, the rift between the two states has characterized not only bilateral relations, but also domestic relations across Europe, highlighting the divisions that have been tearing Brussels apart for some time.

Meloni returned to the matter claiming “cling” between Italia And the France“,”Because I believe that beyond the propaganda and partisan attitudes, the French position was seen in the first ever NGO ship to land in France, with 230 people on board.“.”It is an indication of a problem that I feared and was sure ofMeloni added to the microphones on Rai 1. After all, recent statements from outside the Alps lead us to believe that the issue is far from over. With regard to migrants, the prime minister continued,I don’t think the solution is redistribution“But”Departure stops“and that’s because”70% stay with us, we redistribute the other 30 a bitA theme particularly dear to the government which focuses above all on the fact that Italy cannot remain isolated like the other countries that first landed along the Mediterranean routes. The reason is also in Cyprus, Greece and Malta They had signed a document To report the problems of border countries.

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For Meloni, the problem is twofold. On the one hand, sharing costs and responsibilities among EU countries, one symbiosis It is also requested by all by virtue of the pro-European sentiment on which the policies of all member states should be based. On this issue, it is necessary for the center-right executive to limit the departure because it is a litmus test for the protection of the external borders of the European Union, as is already happening in Eastern Europe or in Spain.

On the other hand, the head of government also emphasized another point: understanding who deserves international protection and who does not. On Meloni’s point, it’s always a From door to doorHe stated his position very clearly: “In recent years we have confused two subjects that had nothing to do with each other, the refugee issue and the immigration issue. I punished those who wanted to respect the rules and wanted to work here. And those we welcome are much more insignificant. Those who have money to give smugglers. I don’t think this is a smart way to deal with the issue of refugees and immigration“.

Moreover, even the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Elva Johanssonraising the issue of who deserves protection as a refugee specifically by talking about the issue Ocean Viking Before meeting with Interior Minister Matteo Bentedosi. On that occasion, a few hours before the summit in Germany, said the EU commissioner it was necessaryKeep in mind that the vast majority of people arriving today via the Central Mediterranean route are not in need of international protection“It also often led to flights of hope motivated by a search for better living conditions or to work. For this reason, Johansson explained,”It is important to address how people are prevented from embarking on these dangerous and sometimes deadly journeys along the Mediterranean“.

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Meloni proposed a path: that of consulates in Africa to assess asylum claims there, at places of departure. The path is not without obstacles and requires united action on the part of Europe, called once again to provide an answer to an issue that can no longer be considered an emergency, but is now a hard-to-manage static. It applies to the central Mediterranean, as well as to Balkan route: an access route to the heart of Europe which is also located on the Italian border and which, for this reason, has recently been highlighted by the government.