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truffa disoccupazione inchiesta chiusa 86 indagati

Unemployment fraud, investigation closed: 86 suspects

Investigative activity of the Deputy Attorney General de Lauro and the Financial Police


86 people appear on the closing notice of the investigation by Deputy Prosecutor Maria Gabriela de Lauro and the Financial Police in an unemployment benefit fraud. This is the investigation that has already led to the ongoing trial against nine defendants charged with forming a criminal gang (gross fraud against the state, tax offenses, money laundering, and self-laundering). Alleged organization Cosimo Tissot, 53, from Sant’Angelo Cupolo, is believed to be a promoter and messiah.

The target is a network of companies, defined as paper mills, which on the one hand would have been used to use and bill for operations that did not exist, and on the other hand, would be used for fictitious employment of employees, to allow undue perception of unemployment benefits later into dismissal. Compensation “added to current accounts opened by the beneficiaries and paid in whole or in part to the higher management” of the proposed association. A modus operandi that would make it possible to create fictitious tax credits to offset contributions owed to fictitious assignments. So the costs were never incurred, but in this way it was possible to lay the foundations for hiring a large number of employees, then firing them and allowing them to receive the allowances.

The recipients of the act signed by the prosecutor are the alleged beneficiaries of the mechanism reconfigured by the investigators and those removed from their positions.

The list includes Biagio Abate, 35, from Panarano, Pasquale Agostinelli, 62, from San Bartolomeo in Galido, Ivan Bertuzzi, 39, from Benevento, Claudio Borzello, 57, from Benevento, Mattia Porzello, 29, from Benevento, Rosana Roberta Bofino, 27, from Benevento, Antonio Pozzi, 41, from Benevento, Diana Bozikov, 33, from Telese Terme, Tobia Cannaval, 54, from Graagnano, Pio Cano, 29, from Sant’Angelo in Coppolo, Ermelinda Capuzzo, 35, Molinara, Giacomo Caraccio, 26, from Benevento, Giorgio Caraccio, 28, from Benevento, Massimo Caraccio, 61, from Benevento, Giuseppe Carabella, 41, from Fragnito Labat, Italo Caruso, 38, from Benevento, Giovanni Castilla, 34, from Avelino Elena Cella 38 years old from Benevento, Myriam Sella, 52, from Benevento, Rosana Coello, 41, from Benevento, Angela Covelo, 46, from Benevento, Alessandro de Franco, 31, from Mercogliano, Gianluca de Franco, 42, from Benevento, Maria Immaculata de Lucia, 50, from San Bottito Ultra, Massimo de Matte And, 49, from Benevento, Elena de Nicola, 46, from Benevento, Alfredo della Concordia, 59, from Benevento, Giovanna della Rocca, 45, from Benevento, Elvira della Sala, 51 from Attribalda, Rita Vallarino, 48 , From Benevento, Romeo Filipa, 62, from Benevento, Giovinale Fiorenza, 67, from Benevento, Giuseppe Viscante, 28, from Benevento, Rita Flamia, 29, from Avellino, Vincenzo Fondacaro, 69, from Bagnara Calabra, Irene Alessiaana , 45, from Benevento, Nicola Fruguglietti, 57, from Benevento, Antonella Gagliarde, 35, from Pietrelcina, Antonio Gambal, 45, from Atripalda, Angelo Giampa, 68, Salza Irpina, Angelo Michel Giangregorio, 52, From Benevento, Giacomo Gianmarco Gemelli, 35, from Monteforte Irpino, Carlo Girolamo, 47, from Molinara, Giuseppe Girolamo, 55, from Molinara, Myrna Greco, 31, from Salerno, Emilio Grimaldi, 28 Benevento, Olena Gritsuk, 63 years old, from Chianche, Carmela Guerini, 48, from Molinara, Francesco Iannotti, 39, from Benevento, Antonio Iarossi, 51, from Castelvetere in Valfortore, Filomena Iovino, 68, from Avellino, Ole Labish, 42, from Salerno, Mariana Liu, 40, from Avellino, Cosimo Lepore, 57, from Benevento, Luigi Lepore, 26, from Benevento, Morena Marro, 40, from Benevento, Giuseppina Mirotto, 45, from Maddaloni, Sirley Eunice Mosquera Ampudia, 42, from Novara, Mirco Natale, 32, from Nusco, Chelich Niang, 45, from Naples, Annunziata Orlacchio, 60, from Benevento, Marcello Pagliuca, 35, from Avellino, Giuseppe Parisi, 50, from Monteforte Irpino, Armando Pascucci, 49, from Benevento, Silvia Pellegrino, 31 from Cabrelia Irpina, Cosimo Berna , 58, from Benevento, Nicola Bella, 55, from Benevento, Adele Pisani, 53, from Benevento, Jessica Ravio, 30, from Benevento, Liliana Ravio, 31, from Benevento, Mariana Ricchio, 43, from Benevento , Pompeii o Romano, 60, from Benevento, Francisco Saraceno, 44 , From Benevento, Giuseppe Scalzi, 42, from Roccapascirana, Lyudmila Senetico, 48, from Benevento, Renato Spagnolo, 47, from Benevento, Angelo Spinello, 38, from Benevento, Federico Tiso, 22, from Sant’Angelo a Cupolo, Vincenzo Tiso, 52, Benevento, Elena Vessichelli, 53, Benevento, Mario Viola, 51, Benevento, Alla Zaduka, 53, Benevento, Adamo Zinco, 61, San Potito Ultra, Asuntu Zinco, 38, From Avelino, Rosalpa Zinco, 62 from Avellino, and a 46-year-old from Benevento indicated that he could not be tracked.

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The suspects now have twenty days at their disposal to request that they be interrogated or provide summaries Once this stage is complete, the prosecutor decides whether to seek indictment or dismissal. Attorneys Mario Villani, Claudio Fusco, Francesco Fusco, Massimiliano Cornacioni, Elena Cosina, Giuseppe Cattorano, Alfredo Le Bellato, Domenico Cristofaro, Silvio Garofalo, Domenico Rossi, Carmen Anzalone, Mario Tomasello participate in the defense, among others. .