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Banci e Balestrino di Inapa Confartigianato

Unemployment allowance, Inapa available for all clarifications

Have you finished your seasonal work? Should you apply for unemployment? Don’t want to wait? Contact the Inapa Confartigianato Patronage. Naspi is the new unemployment benefit. To properly submit the application, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements and submit the application electronically to INPS following the instructions. Employees who have an employment relationship and have lost their job involuntarily have the right to unemployment. The following may also apply to unemployment: seasonal workers in the summer and winter tourism sector. trainees. members working in cooperatives that have a working relationship with the same cooperatives; Public administration employees with fixed-term contracts. The Naspi application must be submitted within the sixty-eight day deadline. In order to receive a Naspi, in addition to the involuntary loss of employment, the unemployed person must have accumulated at least 13 weeks of contributions in the four years preceding the period of unemployment. To file an unemployment claim, you can contact the Inapa Confartigianato Patronato by calling La Spezia. 686624-0187, office via Rome 0187.730938, Sarzana 0187.621427, in Levanto Tel. 0187.808518.

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