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Columns of Vasari Corridor in Florence vandalized – News

Columns of Vasari Corridor in Florence vandalized – News

Carabinieri have identified two men who vandalized the columns of the Vasari Corridor last night with an inscription praising the German football team, which plays in the third league. The two, on holiday in Florence, were tracked down by the Carabinieri in an apartment where nine people were staying. They are all German and are now at the provincial headquarters of the Carabinieri in Borgo Ognisanti for identification. One of the two men was wearing the shirt he wore last night when he painted at the memorial. Recorded on a surveillance camera.

“This morning – he commented Mayor Dario Nardella– We were awakened by this shameful act of vandalism”, “and immediately started an investigation with the city police. We will use all available cameras and tools to punish these despicable people appropriately. We notified the curator and spoke to the management of the Uffizi, to whom we are grateful, as they assured us that they would immediately intervene in the removal and cleaning. Anyone who damages cultural heritage commits a very serious crime.

In particular, unknown persons have inscribed the columns of the Vasari Corridor, in the Lungarno Archibuscieri leading to the Ponte Vecchio, on the side facing the Arno, with letters and numbers. Specifically it says ‘Dks 1860’.

“I strongly condemn the defilement of the pillars of the Vasari Corridor that happened last night. Since the discovery of the heinous act in the early hours of the morning, the Carabinieri have been analyzing the video recordings and following the various clues that have been connected. This was not the will of a drunkard, but a planned act, and such cases in the United States can lead to up to five years in prison. I remind you. No more token punishments and hypothetical situations! The hard fist of the law is needed.” as Ike Schmidt is the director of the Uffizi Galleries Comments on the nightly vandalism on the columns of the Vasari Corridor.

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Sangiuliano: ‘Another subversive act in a symbolic place in Florence. Even a small scratch will be prosecuted henceforth’

“Defacement of the pillars of the Vasari Corridor in Florence is another act of serious vandalism as it affects the symbolic places of national heritage. Those responsible must be immediately identified and sanctioned. They must understand that even a small scratch will result. Prosecution is now underway. For a detailed description of the damage I immediately telephoned the director of the Uffizi, Eich Schmidt.We must understand once and for all that these gestures always cause economic damage. Minister of Culture, Genaro Sangiuliano. “We took immediate action by promoting a law aimed at making those responsible for these measures pay the huge costs of recovery interventions. The bill passed by the government has already been approved in the Senate, and we hope to get it after the summer break. A strong influence from the Chamber, with the right. The innovation is that monetary sanctions will be imposed by the presidents. “They will be very quick sanctions. On the other hand, criminal sanctions are reserved for independent assessment. In the meantime, the Ministry files a civil action in various investigations against environmental vandals,” concludes Minister Sangiuliano.

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