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Two euros per hour in black to maintain income

Two euros per hour in black to maintain income

“I won’t fix you, don’t worry now”. job offer? Twelve hours a day for two hours of hourly compensation for a total of €170 per week. All in black.

a “Morning News” The owner of the stall in San Giovanni a Teduchio, in Naples, caught in the crossfire, after posting her job offer on social media, tries to defend herself in this way: “If I’m wrong, I pay, but it’s true that I have my rights.” “.

A worker from his own lot responded to the announcement and made a phone call to make arrangements. The exchange between the two around the network was recordedUnleash Controversy over citizenship income and illegal work to continue to obtain it.

“I know I offer little but no work and then I put them on part-time so they take the difference with the citizenship income,” the owner explains.

This is not the only situation of this kind throughout Italy, so much so that many ask themselves the problem of revising the system basic income Which, in some cases, discourages the search for work, punishes seasonal work, and in others, brings with it Spectrum of unannounced work.

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