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Bezos in Naples, caring for the Campania space: all the details

In recent days there has been a lot of discussion about the possibility of Jeff Bezos, Founder Amazon, to invest in Naples.

Nando Santonastau, journalist the morningmade some statements Radio Kiss Kiss Naples During the broadcast of “Radio Target”. Santonastasso analyzed the story this way. Below is what stands out from us editorial board:

Amazon Jeff Bezos

Bezos is a nice proposition for Naples. There are preconditions, a Interest in everything related to aviation culture in our town. Bezos Who is interested in working with the flight school in Naples is newsletter routine for insiders, He’s acting through a company that hosts NASA envoys. There is a space culture that is much broader than we can imagine.”

Then added Santonastasu: “It is necessary to understand what Bezos will demand from the Campania aerospace and what space can offer to Bezos. Competing air spaces, such as police aviation, must also be considered: it is a challenge to be played. The cards that Campania can play are very high, and there are companies with a very high specialization that can make this interference pass.”

Bezos can come to Naples because there is a willingness to dialogue and better scientific ability than other facts in Italy which are on the same branch, which are running on the same end. Local investment must be involved to ensure that this initiative can be fully realized.”

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