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Trump swept the Nevada caucuses, as was widely expected

Trump swept the Nevada caucuses, as was widely expected

Former US President Donald Trump swept the Republican primary elections in Nevada: the third state that Trump won, after Iowa and New Hampshire. The victory was fairly clear considering that Trump was the only major candidate in the primaries held across the country the gathering, That is, small debates in various electoral districts in the state, and he obtained more than 99 percent of the votes.

Trump's main opponent in the party, the former governor of South Carolina and former ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, had decided not to participate in the elections. gathering Nevada, where he knew he would almost certainly lose to Trump. He preferred to participate in the primaries organized by the state government but not recognized by the party, which were therefore purely symbolic because they did not designate delegates to the Republican convention, the event in which the party's candidate for election is formally nominated. .

However, he also lost that primary, which took place on Tuesday, in which more than 60 percent of voters preferred to vote for “either candidate”: Nevada law does not bar participation in both primaries and presidential elections. gatheringSo it's plausible that many Trump voters voted “neither candidate,” to Haley's disadvantage.

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