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“What is Enrico Letta trying to do”, political case of this woman - Libero Quotidiano

“What is Enrico Letta trying to do”, political case of this woman – Libero Quotidiano

Enrico Lita In danger of slipping on a large banana peel called ray. The Democratic Party secretary would have thought he wanted at any cost Tiny Andretta – the daughter of “her mentor” Benjamino and the sister of her great friend and consultant Filippo – as CEO of Viale Mazzini. But according to Tpi’s sources, Al-Rai Supervisory Committee will be ready to “lift barriers.” If named Andreatta: This means that the clause preventing return to Rai after the parentheses with Netflix will be overridden.

This clause was recently approved by the Parliamentary Supervisory Committee, which voted unanimously in favor of the non-competition clause, to be respected at the exit and at the entrance. That’s why Andreatta wouldn’t have a chance to return to Viale Mazzini, but that doesn’t seem to be of particular interest to Letta. However, Mario Draghi himself could take care of her: According to information and communication technology sources, which have been identified very close to the file, the Prime Minister will not be willing to allow such influence.

This is not to say that a problem arose with the Viale Mazzini, and also a very big problem, because it appears that the Letta has stopped. And this is only the beginning, given that Rai also continues to discuss the role of the general manager, which can even be doubledOne of them will be Roberto Sergio (the current mentor of Radio Rai) and the other will be Marcelo Chianamia, who will be in charge of managing the editorial.

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