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Olympia miss the second match point, and Bayern miss the fifth game

Olympia miss the second match point, and Bayern miss the fifth game

The Heart of Bayern and Beyond. A thrilling performance by Paul Zipser, the heel of James Gist in the final, led Trinchieri to Race 5. A scorching disappointment for Olympia Milan, long ahead after a superb second quarter, and who still has a +3 ball with Delaney on entering the last minute.

Then, in fact, the Gist Heel: Shields reach iron at -1 with 8 “to play, and the umpires after reviewing the action determine the breakout. Lucic closes it off the line: 85-82 Final, Series 2-2. Back to the forum.

First fourth

It takes Bayern 3 minutes to take action, 2-6, but once again the Trainshire team takes the lead. 23-19 after 10 minutes, for hosts 11 from Sealy with 2/2 from the field and 6/7 from the streak. The 3-rebound offensive won heavily, Milan with 4 losses and 7 from Delaney but 4/11 off the field.

Fourth and second

Milan’s answer! Ituri Messina’s team plays one of the best quarter-finals in the series by placing 10-0 on the spot, reaching +1 for maximum benefit, producing 10 ‘from 31-17 and closing the first half at 40-50. Ultimate protagonist Malcolm Delaney with 187 points, 4/6 from the field and 7/7 for free throws, 8 from Gigi Datum and a significant 17-12 rebound. For Bayern 11/25 from 2, 1/6 from 3, 11 from Sealy and 10 from Baldwin.

Third fourth

Trenchere brings it back to the bubble with Quinteton with Baldwin, Lucic, Zebser, Johnson, Radosevic. Olympia who has 24 points from Delaney and the first baskets from Punter, Bayern who returned to -5 before the stunts hat-trick on Whistle Shields. 63-71 after 30 minutes, 16 by Baldwin.

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Room room

After basketing on the sirens, the attacking Shields bounced off a punter jumping to 63-73 in the fourth quarter opener. With an 8 ‘to play, at -9, Trinchieri draws a major timeout for his team’s season. The answer is strong, with Zipser -2 hitting by 6-23 (73-75). Shields score two very important free throws, but it’s a no-quarter battle. Another insane Zipser (16 for him) with a hat-trick of -1, in 3.09 Reynolds is overtaken (80-79, 14-5 after the Trachery time-out). Bayern miss two conclusions for an extension, at 1.37 AC in streak with Shields: 1/2 and 80-80. Sisko finds himself lonely but missing a triple, at 1.05 Delaney’s basket who then misses out on that extra free. The defense keeps Baldwin, but here’s the madness: Delaney’s strength, Bayern counterattack, and on the Zipser basket for Lucic, there’s a mistake from Shields with a winning basket by the Serbian winger. 83-82 with 23.8 inches to play and Messina’s timeout. At 8.4 the Shields reach iron, lacking support but finding fault from the Gist. But after the replays it is considered a breakthrough, because Gest’s heel would not have climbed to Al Hilal under the basket. Lucic is in the frame at 8.3: 2/2 and +3. Triple Datome and Punter are not accepted.

Show match

FC Bayern Monaco-Ax Armani Exchange Milano (1-2)

Gaara # 4 – Ore 20.45, Audi Dome

References: Boltuzer, Garcia, Hordof

Bayern Munich injury report: Wyler Bab (outside), Didovic (outside)

Olympia injury report:

Andrea Trenesherry: “It will be a different match again than the previous one. And it will be very difficult. The qualifying series is always a constant adjustment. We changed a few things, they’d change something … We had to chase after the first two games. It’s like playing chess. They made the first two steps, we took our first step and now we’ll try another move. “This race will be devoted to understanding what needs to be done, how to do it, and with whom to do so.”

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Hector Messina: «Every game against Bayern is always a physical match, where the rebounds are of great importance. In this regard, we will have to take a decisive step forward. Until now, each time there were different heroes on both sides. We want to build our game on cohesion and the ability to help each other, as we did several times during the season, and I am sure we will do this time as well. ”