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Totti’s new drama, the shots are hiding something

Elari Blasi, in Tanzania with her children, has shared new photos of her living room that appear to be hiding fossils for her ex-husband Francesco Totti.

After announcing the divorce between her and Totti, Elari Blasey “escaped” to Tanzania With children and sister. A way to separate herself and her family from the media hype of recent days and keep her away from her, even if the news is raging on the web and there is no safe place when you have a cell phone in your hand.

And it seems that Ilary has never left him, as she continues to share her vacation photos on social networks, almost wanting to criticize her ex in the face that her life goes on and that she can still enjoy it. One of the last shots, in particular, It looks like a dig at the ex-footballer: The image hides a hidden message.

The hostess and her children stay at Serengeti Bushtop, a well-known safari resort equipped with all amenities. It really is a well-designed retreat for the ex, who has decided to spare no expense to have a little relaxation and reassure her children. The tent they are staying in is, in fact, among the most luxurious and most expensive in the world.

Elari Blasi Totti

Fans of the couple are always up to date on the two of them and take note of the latest snaps and stories shared They’re hiding a “secret” message from Elari Blasey to Tottisome real fossils of the end of their relationship.

Elari Blassie, the shot is directed at Totti

Chanel, the couple’s eldest daughter, is also sharing her life on Instagram and now her vacation snapshots. a few days ago The girl shared a video that she called the vine with a stinging phrase, and speculated his followers digging on his father. Chanel has not commented on ruminating, but fans say they are concerned.

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Then it was Elari’s turn, who shared a sunset photo of her holding her children by the hand and walking with them. Picture perfect, however, Francesco Totti lost. Could it be Blasey’s letter against her ex-husband? Many argue that it is a defiance of the woman, while others believe there is no hidden meaning behind the shot.

Elari Blasi Totti

The separation between the two sure creates a lot of chaos and the curious keep arguing about it There are strong tensions between the twoAnd the For both the issues related to the assets and the alleged infidelities on both sides.