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Weather: Monday 25 July is hot, but from the middle of the week something changes

Weather: Monday 25 July is hot, but from the middle of the week something changes

L ‘intense heat wave It continues more or less with the same characteristics in this too Sunday 24 July And at the beginning of the new week. In fact, the air mass of subtropical origin will continue to be concentrated between the Mediterranean and southern Europe, also focusing partly on the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In these conditions, the feeling of heat will continue not only during the day, but also It peaks at 40 degreesbut also at night, with Not less than 20 degrees (the so-called tropical nights); Extreme heat even in the mountains with freezing temperatures of 4800-5000 meters. Of course, this situation will only aggravatewater emergencywhich increases the risk of fire.

Current modeling projections highlight one Insistence on this long heat wave Until the end of the month, especially in the center and south, but with one mile Partial attenuation Thanks toThe weakening of the African anti-cyclone. From the middle of the week in the north, temperatures will return closer to average thanks toincreased instability Which will help develop some My time Even on the plains. Given the high availability of energy, phenomena can reveal themselves very strong and accompanied by Cold and strong winds. However, this is a development that must be confirmed.

Weather forecast for Sunday, July 24

Mostly a day Sunnyapart from some of the most significant cloud cover over the mountains, in Liguria, and initially also over the western Po Valley and the lower Tyrrhenian sector. short showers Possible in the high region of Lombardy, and in the afternoon, also on the Maritime Alps, the Northern Apennines, Friuli and Calabrian bass.

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hot but intense a maximum of above 35 degrees in the interior and Peaks reach about 38-40 degrees; The least extreme values ​​are along the coasts, as they are activated from the middle of the day sea ​​breezes It will tend to soften the heat. Marie Quiet or slightly mobile, except for Eastern Ligurian which will be transported locally.

Weather forecast for Monday, July 25

time at start Sunny all over the country. In the afternoon, the clouds are moderately increasing over the bas-reliefs, especially those in the north, where they will be possible Local rain or thunderstorms which will become more prevalent in the evening with a tendency to extend towards the higher plains of Piedmont and Lombardy.

Temperatures always very high in both minimum and maximum values; In the afternoon possible Peaks from 35 to 40 degrees Especially in areas far from the coast. Ventilation is still weak with the character of the breeze.