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This simple thing is enough, science says so

This simple thing is enough, science says so

After the Christmas holidays, our bodies and minds need to get back into shape. With what care?


with the'Epiphany The holidays will end We will have to return to living our usual lives, between work, commitments, schools and other activities. During Christmas and New Year's week, millions of people's stomachs were full.

Some a little more and some less, the fact remains There is a need to get back into shape Your body without falling into the temptation of laziness. What's better than going back or joining a gym? Or do you simply walk around counting your steps using synchronized clocks?

But it's also useful Train your mind To avoid feeling extremely tired and stressed.

Steps to get fit

Brain health steps by walking
Recommended activity-(

There are many physical activities To take it into consideration To prepare a detailed weight loss program or Burn fat Accumulated during this period of lunch and dinner.

According to science Walking or jogging Probably the best activity why not It causes a lot of fatigueYou can independently decide how long to run and how much distance to cover.

Usually for more active people, 10 thousand steps is good With about 7-8 kilometers to go. If performed consistently and with a specific diet, the results can be satisfactory.

How to train your mind by walking

Physical training that Keeps our corps busyOr is it real? Well-being Also for Our minds Especially for those who are starting to suffer from episode of Alzheimer's disease

across theAdrenaline Which is expanding In the whole bodyOr we feel the sensation of continuing to run or walk until we are exhausted from the physical effort. A detailed analysis was performed Neuroscience researchers have confirmed that exercise also helps the brain. Studies were published on Journal of Alzheimer's Disease And they analyzed it 10 million individualsThose who have problems memory The symptoms affected the gray matter area of ​​the brain, the information area, and the white matter where the hippocampus, the center of memories, connects.

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Neuroradiologist Cyrus A. I hope Hectare Certain From continuous physical activity Guarantees benefits For your mind by always keeping it busy.

to be sure Comes from David Merrill boss Brain Health Center of the Pacific Neuroscience Institute Who claims?Taking about 4,000 steps a day can have a positive impact on brain health.”. But not only that, walking regularly also helps with diet and stress reduction programme. This is special advice for elderly people who are beginning to suffer from memory loss.