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Just a fairy-tale film, plot, actors, actors, ending, where it was filmed

Just a fairy-tale film, plot, actors, actors, ending, where it was filmed

Ray 2 He suggests the film titled Today Just a fairy tale. It is an emotional film with a romantic and Christmas atmosphere.

Production is from United States of AmericaThe year of construction is 2017 and its duration is 1 hour and 24 minutes. The view is open to a viewing audience.

Just fairytale movie actors

It is simply a fairy tale film – the direction, the heroes, the setting

The trend is by Ernie Barbarash. The main heroes are Maggie H Adrian Played straight before Merritt Patterson H Jack Donnelly. Also in the cast Samantha Bond In turn Beatrice.
Filmed in Canadaespecially A Banff In the territory Alberta.
Production is from Hallmark channel In cooperation with Real One Entertainment H Cartel pictures.
The original title is Snow kiss.

Just a fairy tale movie as it was filmedJust a fairy tale movie as it was filmed

Just a fairy tale movie – the story of the movie is broadcast on Rai 2

prince Adrian From the small (imaginary) kingdom. Calpurnia He is about to be crowned king, succeeding his late father, ending the tyrannical and old-fashioned regency of the Queen Mother Beatrice.

During one of his usual undercover motorcycle rides in the capital, he literally bumps into an American tourist Maggie Marks, recently graduated and is reluctant to pursue a career in corporate law. Her accompanying friend urges her to put an end to her loveless life and enjoy the hospitality of the two magicians Adrian.

Final spoiler

A spark of love breaks out between them instantly. But she does not know that Adrian is actually a prince. The entire aristocracy is against the intrusion of the common people and opposes their desire Adrian To make her first coronation public, Beatrice resorts to dirty tricks, but Cupid He finds a way, with the help of his loyal waiter Adrian, Felix.

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Just a fantasy final movieJust a fantasy final movie

Just a fantasy movie – full cast

Below is the film's cast Just a fairy tale And the characters played by the actors

  • Merritt Patterson: Maggie
  • Jack Donnelly: Adrian
  • Samantha Bond:Beatrice
  • Rhea Bailey: pleasant
  • Sian Barry: Felix
  • Christopher Bowen: Wakeford
  • Ryan Ellsworth: Henrik
  • Dixie Eggerix: Katya
  • Roy McCreary: Mason
  • Swan Brown: Elaine
  • Jane Perry: Janice
  • Tim Ahern: Lyle