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This is the best fruit to reduce the annoying hemorrhoids diseases

This is the best fruit to reduce the annoying hemorrhoids diseases

Maintaining the wrong type of diet can lead to undesirable negative consequences. Those who abuse alcohol and spicy and spicy foods risk developing hemorrhoids. There are so many Italians who suffer from this disorder, most of them ignore or underestimate the problem, which can be amplified. For the sake of our gut, it’s best to exercise, drink plenty of water, and eat fiber and healthy, unseasoned foods.

Hemorrhoids are a problem that affects some of the veins in the rectum. The point where it is located is very sensitive, to the point that it causes very painful pathological infections. The exact factors that determine hemorrhoids are not known, but nutrition, other existing diseases, genetics and lifestyle certainly contribute.

The first thing to do, when they appear, is to contact a specialist to understand the entity and act. After agreeing to TTreatment and nutrition will play an important role, especially in prevention.

This is the best fruit to reduce the annoying hemorrhoids diseases

Red fruits such as . will be included in the diet ribs Rousseau e NeroAnd the More e blueberry. They contain vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants and anthocyanins, which are useful substances for fragile capillaries. The juice of this fruit contains omega 3 and 6, Linoleic fatty acid حمضWhich helps soothe the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

In addition to eating only fruit, two cups of currant juiceTo strengthen the veins. Another type of fruit to eat is milesRich in fiber improves gut health. Therefore, this is the best fruit to reduce the annoying diseases of hemorrhoids.

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Food yes and food no

In general, astringent foods such as rice, potatoes, spicy or irritating foods, and those low in fiber, snacks and sausages are less suitable. prefer simple dishes rich in iron, vitamin Diets with a high fiber content are highly recommended, but do not overdo it, so as not to cause adverse consequences.

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